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Wedding Invitation & Wedding Favours

Jowyne & Vernon

Of goodwill and good friendship, the design team has helped a friend in designing a wedding invitation especially for their wedding day. That’s one meaningful design there.

The design approach of the wedding invitation was divided into 2 variations, to differentiate between the church wedding ceremony and the traditional Chinese evening banquet.

As the atmosphere of peace, reverence, and respect of a church wedding is so important, the design of the invitation took on a more light hearted and simplicity direction, filled with a more western typography style, while the evening banquet acquired an oriental approach, something that reflects the Chinese heritage while maintaining a modern styling.

The development of the design started off with the creation of a logo of the bride’s and groom’s initial of V&J with the thought of giving the wedding a visual identity. It can also be seen across other wedding collaterals such as wedding favours (red packets) & e-invitation.

These personalised red packets also comes with simple well wishes on each of them and is intentionally designed that way so that it can be used for other celebratory occasions like Birthdays, Hari Raya, Deepavali and others.


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