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The Ritz-Carlton ‘SuperBrunch'

The Ritz-Carlton

The brainchild of executive chef Massimo Pasquarelli, The Ritz-Carlton’s bi-annual extravagant SuperBrunch is arguably the most decadent buffet in the dining scene.

The team was tasked to visually engage and enhance the diners’ experience for the 12th, 13th and 15th edition of the SuperBrunch. Drawing inspirations from the thematic concepts for the respective editions, we created promotional direct mailers and electronic mailers with animations for registration. Thematic mementos were also conceptualised and produced to complement the dining experience.

SuperBrunch 15th edition: The Bazaar

The Ritz-Carlton SuperBrunch is the highly anticipated instalment of Ritz-Carlton Singapore signature bi-annual vintage Champagne brunch extravaganza. Now in its 15th edition, the event transformed the hotel lobby and dining area into a bustling international marketplace. Gathering inspiration from the various iconic markets’ characteristic from different parts of the world, such as the souks in the Middle East, Thailand’s floating market, and Tsukiji fish market in Japan among many others; guests were intrigued to an immersive experience comprising the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches of The Bazaar.

The Bazaar took on a colourful approach with colonial and bohemian design elements. Apart from providing the design solutions, the agency also conceptualised and created the convivial street atmosphere by introducing pop up carts selling flowers, antique stalls, caricature stall, gypsy fortune teller, while recommending the use of different scarfs to differentiate tiers of customers.

The event EDM uses an animated typography approach with a kaleidoscope of colors to induce a psychedelic finishing. Multi-colored tablemats were introduced to add vibrancy to the dining experience, polished with gold foil finishing to add a touch of lavishness. The colourful masthead created alongside with the colonial bohemian patterns were used throughout from the flyers, goodie bags, and food trucks to enhance the thematic identity.

SuperBrunch 12th edition: The Voyage

The 12th edition, themed “The Voyage”, was  set against the backdrop of the 19th century, an era of exploration and expeditions. Collaterals created include personalised invitation cards in the form of steamship tickets, a menu styled to resemble a passport, and placemats printed with an antiquarian world map.

SuperBrunch 13th edition: Under Construction

The 13th edition was scheduled prior to the renovation of the Greenhouse and Summer Pavilion restaurants. Aptly themed “Under Construction”, this edition was designed in anticipation of the impending transformation. The concept was presented through fusing the image of a construction worker and a chef. A visual persona was created to portray the chef and his team as ‘food architects’. Accompanying thematic souvenir items include placemats mimicking a under construction sign, lanyard and name-tag for construction sites.

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