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The Art Of Tan Ping Chang

Tan Ping Chang

A member of the Modern Art Society in the 1960s, Tan Ping Chiang is often cited as a pioneer artist in Singapore Art.

Planning to publish an artbook to mark 63 years of his artistic career for this 80th birthday, Tan Ping Chiang’s two sons initiated to support this publication’s making it a gift of love.

“Lines Are My Poem” is a collection of 130 featured paintings from artist Tan Ping Chiang’s artistic journey and commemorates his 80th birthday. It is both an autobiography comprising of paintings at different poignant moments of artist Tan Ping Chiang’s life, and a documentation of a Singapore’s second-generation artist and preservation of his artworks.

A picture book depicting artist Mr Tan’s illustrious artistic journey of 63 years, they are organised into 8 categories in this book.

  1. Line Series

  2. Abstract Series

  3. Memories Series

  4. Sensuality Series

  5. Coffee Shop Series

  6. Sculpture Series

  7. Music Series

  8. Mountain Series


The title “Lines Are My Poem” shows artist Tan Ping Chiang’s artistic approach and belief that every one of his visual creations starts with lines; whether straight, curved, or dashed. Displayed on the book’s back cover is one of artist Tan Ping Chiang’s favourite sculpture.

There are 37 original proses scattered throughout the book. These proses titled “Drunken Talk” are about artist and author Tan Ping Chiang’s candid thoughts, feelings and opinions on society.

Designed and published by Achates360, this book was born in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Published in November 2020, “The Art of TAN PING CHIANG Lines Are My Poem” is limited in print quantity. This book is not for sale but available upon request for browsing at Yale-NUS College Library, SMU Libraries, NTU Library, Singapore Book Council, SIT Library, Republic Polytechnic Library, Singapore Polytechnic Library, Temasek Polytechnic Library, Nanyang Polytechnic Library, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, NAFA Library and 151 Secondary Schools.

Author: Tan Ping Chiang

Designed and published by: Achates 360

Achates 360 Creative Director: Chuan Yeo

Achates 360 Art Director: Zhao Yi

Photographers: Chang Szeling, Lee Hock Kee

All of whom are NAFA Alumni.

© 2020

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