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Singapore Conference Hall ’50/50
– A Shared History’ Exhibition

Singapore Chinese Orchestra Co Ltd

‘50/50 – A Shared History’ was an exhibition to acknowledge and commemorate the illustrious history of the Singapore Conference Hall (SCH), which opened its doors the same year that Singapore gained its independence.

Since its official opening in 1965, SCH has played host to a number of significant conferences and events, and has also served as the headquarters of the Labour Union, predecessor to the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC). Today, it is home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestral (SCO).

The team created a bespoke logo as the event identifier and also conceptualised, designed and installed the exhibits. These include an 11.5 metre tall feature wall mural spanning three storeys; an exhibition backdrop; structural island displays; an Instagram photo booth and an activity corner accessorised with antique furniture from the 1960s for visitors to create their own postcards.

Inspired by mosaic tiles which are still being preserved in some parts of the building, the team thematically applied the design concept to the styling of the structures, layout and displays throughout the exhibition. To enhance the exhibition environment, vinyl stickers with mosaic motifs were created and laid on the entire atrium floor to recreate the original mosaic tile flooring, giving the visitors an immersive and nostalgic experience.

Extensive efforts were put into the research, copywriting and curating of photographs to piece together how SCH has evolved over the 50 years. A handbook was also produced to serve as a guide for the visitors.

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