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The Freestyle

Samsung Electronics

The Freestyle is Samsung's latest portable 180 degree portable SMART projector, The Freestyle will transform your space into whatever you want it to be. Watch your videos in a 100-inch colourful high-definition and powerful 360 sound.

For the Singapore launch, client wanted to place their campaign on TikTok to capture the younger audiences and young adults.

A TikTok dance challenge was created for The Freestyle where original music was written and composed by local musicians Jack & Rai, and choreography was crafted based off the music.

Tutorials on how to do the dance, as well as TikTok ad formats were cut for the media buys.

We also filmed a product video to show how you could use The Freestyle in different lifestyle settings and the projector capabilities.

Samsung The Freestyle video

Samsung The Freestyle TikTok videos

Dance Tutorial
Join the Challenge Ad
TikTok 15s Branded Effect Ad
Behind the scenes: Production shots

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