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Samsung Electronics

Samsung’s state-of-the-art display, MICRO LED TV is their top-of-the-range TV that uses ultra small LEDs so that each subpixel creates its own light and is controlled individually. The MICRO LED chip is born from sapphire wafer, the second strongest material on earth after diamonds.

Targeted at UHNWI, we created an bespoke introduction kit to be hand delivered to potential customers of the MICRO LED TV.

As the MICRO LED TV as access to The Frame and can display art pieces from galleries around the world, we used that concept for the ideation of the kit.


Samsung MICRO LED TV Introduction Kit

We created a customised Art Box Easel with handcrafting wood-working and waxing and had leather and artisan leather working customised with the Samsung logo pinned on the easel. Each kit was highly personalised to the recipient also had laser etching on each individual easel for uniquely named set.

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