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Nokia N-Gage Media Box


Incognito and adventurous, this media kit comes in a custommade briefcase decorated with warning labels. To highlight the value proposition of “anytime anywhere”, a time panel that reflects six different time zones is designed for the interior. This panel can be removed from the briefcase and used as a timepiece by itself, extending its value as a publicity and awareness device. The design style echoes the characteristics of the N-Gage series of products. Branding elements are discreetly incorporated to trigger brand association and recall. The media kits are delivered to selected executives in the region for the product launch.


Nokia invitation card & thank-you gift

The “chocolate” theme was conceptualised to denote the year’s ending on a sweet note for Nokia and their media party guests. The outstanding form of the invitation card generates curiosity and maximises the crowd turnout, while the mock chocolate bar, containing the real thing, comes complete with an aluminium wrapping and customised paper wrapper. Colourfully wrapped tiny chocolate bars in a can are presented as souvenirs.

© 2004

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