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Building Memories National Theatre Pop-Up Kit

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A supplement to the award-winning artbook “Building Memories”, this pop-up kit is an easy, do-it-yourself miniature model of one of the most iconic buildings in Singapore’s history – the National Theatre. It aims to help Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, better understand the history and unique architectural features of the building through the hands-on process.

It was awarded a Gold medal for Pop-up, Display, Exhibition and Set Design at the Hong Kong Design Awards 2018.

National Theatre Pop-Up Kit Tutorial

Once housing audience of diverse ethnicity under one roof to appreciate world renowned multi-cultural performances on stage, the National Theatre celebrates Singapore’s inter-cultural relationships and is a symbol of racial harmony. The name of the building is printed on the packaging in the 3 major languages used in Singapore – English, Chinese and Tamil to commemorate this.

The packaging is designed like the theatre’s entrance ticket with the building’s construction and demolition dates stamped on it as a record of the era in which it existed.

“For what had been torn shall not be mended.”

To demonstrate that the demolition of the building is an irreversible process, these words are revealed when recipients rip the package open along the tear strip.

On the folder, brief write-ups supported by actual photographs of the building take the audience on a short educational journey, explaining the rationale behind each unique structural element of the building and how funds were raised for its construction. Extensive research was conducted by a renowned architect/historian to ensure accuracy in the write-ups.

Perforation, coupled with clearly labelled parts of the building, made it easy to assemble the pop-up. A simple and easy-to-follow instructional video is available online to guide the pop-up construction process.

Extra attention was paid to the intricate details of the pop-up kit, such as the diamond shaped side walls and roof truss, to ensure that the model remains true to the original building’s design.


National Theatre Pop-up Workshop

In conjunction with Singapore Design Week, we conducted a special workshop for the public to understand and appreciate the pop-up kit of the beloved national icon.


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Building Memories National Theatre pop-up kit Hong Kong Design Awards GOLD 2018

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