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Little Thoughts: Thinking Out Loud

The Little Thoughts Group

The Little Thoughts Group (LTG) was formed in 2009 by a group of product designers, who are passionate about sharing their unique perspective of everyday design through the quirks of local culture. Their ideas and works are presented through design exhibitions centred on a theme that is close to their hearts with the objective to connect with a diverse audience from fellow citizens, to design enthusiasts and aficionados across the globe.

Little Thoughts: Thinking Out Loud is a 90-page publication featuring products of local designers who participated in the third exhibition by LTG. Themed Makan Time! Tuck Into Good Design, the exhibition was held at the National Museum of Singapore on 12-27 January 2013.

The publication showcased the works on display at the exhibition and documented how the 18 designers studied and relooked at the various aspects of the island republic’s unique culinary heritage and gave them a grand makeover with their creations.

A sleek and clean concept was adopted to draw and focus attention on the product design which is the core of the publication. Muted colour tones were selected to complement the classic presentation of each unique design.

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