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Festive Collaterals and Packaging

Charles Monat Associates

Charles Monat is one of the world’s most trusted international life insurance brokers. They offer bespoke advisory and brokerage services for high net-worth clients, affluent families and executives of multinational companies.

In the Chinese culture, the crane is venerated as the prince of feathered creatures and has a legendary status. Embodying longevity and peace, crane motifs were used on the robes of civil officials to depict their ranks in the imperial times.

Drawing inspiration from the oriental crane, this design sees a flock of cranes taking flight together, akin to Charles Monat, leading their clients to have their aspirations and goals aligned and fulfilled.

The Chinese message of “鸿图大展” extends best wishes for their clients' to have great prosperity in the new year.

The box design is printed on fancy cardstock with the design of a crane's wing, finished off with hotstamping of the Chinese greeting and Charles Monat logo to bring out the finesse of the Crane.

Chinese New Year 2022 - Oriental Crane

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