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Changi Airport Group Learning Festival

Changi Airport Group

Changi Airport Group is all about providing excellent services to each and every customer because it believes that people competencies are imperative in the development of the organization. Emphasis is put into inculcating the Changi Service DNA to all new staff joining the Changi family. Continuous learning efforts are an integral part of the learning development roadmap for all airport staff. The CAG Learning Festival, as part of the training programme, was introduced to bring forth a list of workshops, sharing of experiences and training activities with a different theme every year.

2015: Game Changer
Game changers are not just about the big things that we do, but it’s the incremental things that could cumulate into a huge game changer. The 2015 theme took a leap forward to bring forth that as a Game Changer, one needs to be consistent and confident to step out of the comfort zone to see things in a different light.

Each of the 15 speakers was creatively given a Movie star portfolio and incorporating them into Movie posters to add fun into the design. The altered movie title of each poster and credits resemble the original copy but yet convey the main message of each speaker’s topics.

Game Changer magazine involved an extensive photo-shoot and incorporating it into pre-planned movie poster design, a fold-out event poster and ticket stubs stickers for each event participated.


2014: Making Ideas Happen
We all have ideas but the challenge is how to bring these ideas to life. The Learning Festival 2014 brought people from all walks of life together on a journey of exploration and sharing to discover how ideas can be transformed to reality.

Embarking on a colorful approach, we created a diary carrying different wisdom quotes for each month in different colors. To add more fun elements to the project, the diary’s spine was designed with colorful bars and the covers in different color variations. Customized icon stickers were also added at the back cover to mark important dates thus making it more interactive and fun.


2013: Service Through Design

The design thinking methodology is about empathy by putting oneself in another’s shoes, and transforming the design of products and processes to deliver a customer oriented service and experience. The Learning Festival 2013 represents a journey where one can Dream, Discover, Ideate, Prototype and Synthesize, to not only serve customers but also each other as well.

A 3D pop-up gave participants a clear and inviting landscape of the festival highlights. It is similar to embarking on a learning journey and embracing Design Thinking.

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