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Bumitama Annual Report 

Bumitama Agri Ltd.

Bumitama Agri Ltd. is a leading producer of crude palm oil and palm kernel in Indonesia. The Group is principally engaged in the cultivation of oil palm trees, as well as the harvesting and processing of fresh palm fruit bunches into crude palm oil and palm kernels. It was founded in 1996 and listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2012.

Cultivating a sustainable landscape

A paper cut concept was chosen for the annual report to create a graphical interpretation of an agricultural look for a fresh look. We used two main vibrant colours that reflect the key business of Bumitama - orange to represent the palm fruit and green representing the palm trees and Bumitama's commitment to sustainability. We also turned the palm fruit into a graphical element that would carry the reader through the pages of the annual report. 

Customised graphics and 3D effects were created and applied throughout the pages and the usage of infographics was taken to make the information easier to digest. 

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