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Festive Collaterals and Packaging

Bank Julius Baer

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Chinese New Year 2021 - Imperial Porcelain

Drawing inspiration from the tradition of collecting porcelain as art, as practised by the imperial family in ancient China, “Imperial Porcelain” is a series of Chinese New Year collectible items specially designed for Bank Julius Baer, aimed to match its status as a wealth management bank and its clientele of high-net worth individuals.

Consisting of a pouch, paper carrier bag, red packets, and carrier box, the items are adorned with motifs commonly found on porcelain and treated with spot UV accents to emulate the material. We increased the longevity of the collectibles by steering away from zodiac animal signs, and allowing them to be used on other occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

Group 1.jpg
Die Cut Close up.jpg
Pouch Interior.jpg
Pouch, Pouch Cover, Red Packets.jpg
Pouch 2.jpg
Red packet front and back.jpg
Red Packet Close Up.jpg
Group 2.jpg
Chinese New Year 2020 - Goldfish

The main key visual of vibrant goldfishes was created in the form of watercolour painting and adapted for use across the Chinese New Year collaterals consisting of red packets, paper carrier bag, carrier box and greeting cards, for an artistic and festive conceptual theme.

Intricate details of the artwork were carefully finetuned to suit the wealth consumers’ practised eye for detail. The bold colours accentuate the celebratory mood of the festive season, and gold hotstamp added a touch of sophistication to the finishing.

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Chinese New Year Collaterals for Bank Julius Baer has won the HKG DRIVENxDESIGN Gold Winner 2021

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